LSE and CEU Responses to Hungary’s Gender Studies Ban

We have previously on this blog discussed dire threats to academic freedom in Hungary. In August, Hungary continued its attack on universities by announcing that it would cease funding gender studies university programs, effective Fall 2019.

The Gender Studies department at Central European University (CEU) — which also last month was forced by the Hungarian government to stop programs for registered refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary — has issued an official statement about the announcement.

And, mid-August, the Department of Gender Studies at the London School of Economics issued the following statement:

The Times Higher this week reported on the Hungarian Government pushing forward with its plans to ban Gender Studies Masters programmes at both ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences and the Central European University (CEU). This is a clear attack on academic freedom that the Department of Gender Studies condemns. Gender Studies is an internationally recognised area of interdisciplinary study and its targeting is clearly ideological.

There have been a range of such attacks on Gender Studies programmes, faculty teaching in the field, and individuals who are gender non-conformist across Europe, in the US and in Latin America in recent years. These attacks are aligned with right-wing populist agendas that naturalise power relations between men and women and see women only as home-makers and carers. Such attacks link anti-migrant, racist, homophobic and sexist ideologies in the promotion of undemocratic, nationalist agendas and should be strongly resisted.

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And please sign this university teachers’ petition: