Exciting cross-over episode! My first column in University Affairs

I’m delighted to share you with my first column for the online edition of University Affairs, part of my new monthly series, Dispatches on Academic Freedom.

University Affairs is the monthly magazine of Universities Canada, which I have discussed many times before on this blog (see here, for instance). As the national association for Canadian universities as colleges, Universities Canada has an enormous role in shaping post-secondary policy. I am really pleased to be able to share the work I’ve been doing on academic freedom with the readers of University Affairs.

As I discuss in the column (and as I argue here), now more than ever it is crucial that academics and the public understand academic freedom and its key role within the university.

Here is a link to that first online column.

A screen shot of a page of University Affairs. Under the masthead, the headline reads "First dispatch: Academic freedom and the mission of the university."